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Italiaanse fabrikant van akoestische panelen van polyesterschuim, bekleed met Trevira-stof. Frameloze oplossing voor lichte, dunne en resistente panelen.


The brilliant intuition at the heart of Snowsound patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable density, which achieve selective absorption at different frequencies and thus optimise the acoustical environment notwithstanding the thinness of the panels. The absence of frames and seams and the unusual characteristics of the material used in the fabrication of the panels, render them extremely light, unobtrusive and adaptable to any environment.

  1. The surfaces of the panel are coated with Trevira CS® polyester fabric firmly bonded to the inner wadding with which it forms a single body without a break. This property makes it possible to obtain a surface which, while visually appearing very soft, actually is resistant, difficult to tear or perforate.
  2. High density polyester.
  3. Medium density polyester.
  4. Low density polyester.
  5. Rigid edge.


Snowsound panels were tested in a reverberation room according to UNI EN ISO 354 standards obtaining “Class A sound absorption” to UNI EN ISO 11654 standards.


Snowsound technology was tested in the semi-anechoic chamber at the University of Ferrara to measure sound attenuation according to the ISO 10053 standard. The measurements were conducted with a variety of configurations and demonstrate Snowsound significant capacity for sound attenuation. Performance was recorded at the various frequencies. The results of the tests represent another important design tool available to industry professionals.



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